PKSM Industrial sewing machine sale FAQ’s

Here we have put down some of the popular questions we are sometimes asked. If however you have a question which is not below then feel free to give us a call on 0116 2736552, and we will do our best to answer it. If you would like to email it across them  please it to, sales@pksm.co.uk

Do not worry! On the website we only show the popular machines as we don’t want to bombard you with so many similar options. However, if you have the model number of the machines you are looking for them get in contact as we will be able to supply it. We can get hold of any industrial sewing machines, as we have contacts with many of the major brands worldwide.
We have a few ways of delivering machines. You can arrange for it to be picked up directly from our shop in Leicester. Another option is for it to be couriered out to you. The additional charge is a flat rate of £65. If however, 3 or more machines are purchased then delivery will become free of charge.
Yes!! we do update our stock regularly, however their are time where a machine will be sold at the shop front and we don’t have to time to update the stock count on the website. However the used machines you see, are machines we can regularly attain. So if we cant supply that exact same model, we will do our best to supply the nearest machine model.
Once the order has been placed it is our aim to supply you everything needed as soon as possible. Used machines are delivered within 14 days as we have the machine double checked by our highly skilled in house mechanic. Any parts from the used machines that need to be replaced will do, to make sure it runs smoothly. Once the mechanic has tested the machine and deemed it ready for use it will be sent out as soon as possible. We post all items in the weekdays and you should receive the item between Monday- Friday in the hours between 8AM-8PM
This is highly rare to happen, however if you have an issue with the machine and has a fault in some way then we can have it checked out. You will have to send the machine to us, and arrange for it to be collected. new machines come with 3 month warranty and used machines come with 30 days warranty. If the machine becomes faulty after the warranty has expired, we can still repair the machine for a cost. For machine repair costs please call 0116 2736552.
Of course you can! We actually prefer this as it allows us to get to know our clients and lets us talk about the type of product suited for you. Also if you’re un-sure about a certain machine, here you will be able to pick our brains and make sure you’re making the right choice! Also we do have stock and spare parts in the store which we don’t enlist on our website.